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Hello, thank you for visiting our simple and humble website. Please, please sit comfortably, grab a coffee, and read a little bit about us. Tight on time? Ok, geez, fill out the form below to reach out to us or email us directly at:

A Little Bit About Us

The Motto:  Join The Valiants. Because who wants to hangout with a bunch of cowards? And no, this is not a job offer. But simply an invitation to join our cause – to make some really entertaining movies – and  to be part our young and awesome community of followers and fans.

About: Valiant Group Studios is a media and entertainment company focused on developing original web content and movies. Founded by Josue Molina and built by his collective of creative friends.

What exactly do you do? We’re a small film production company who specializes in content creation for brands, corporations, and for ourselves. We like making movies.

What type of movies do you do? At the moment, we’re really digging comedy.

What type of content do you do? Anything that tells a solid story and something that can make you laugh too. To be specific, we like working with creative companies that want to promote a unique product online in an imaginative and funny way.

Can you predict the future? Yes, we foresee us making our first feature film around mid/end of 2018, creating one of the most funniest commercials on the web, and finally buying that Nespresso machine we’ve always wanted.

Contact Us: Ok, finally. You like us, then maybe we might like you. Fill out the form below to start a convo and we’ll see how that goes. Thanks for visiting!